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If you’re like me, you know what you like when you see it. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a Style Expert (I’m not either), but you definitely have your own flare for your Home, your Clothes your Jewelry and you love to Travel. You want things that are Stylish and Easy to coordinate. And that’s where the Anna Bannister collection comes in. Our unique designs make it easy to coordinate with your style.

I’ve been creating my entire life. It started when I was young. It was the 70’s and the Handmade market was a strong influence. My parents introduced us to so many crafting experiences. I was never inhibited to try new things. 

Several years ago, my husband and I decided to that it was time to be Artisans full time. He’s a trained artist. We started ReNue Home Studio which is our Home Decor line of Signs, Decor and more. From there, I still had this desire to work with Earrings. We had bought a Laser Machine for Sign Making and quickly realized how I could use that to make some of the designs that I couldn’t get out of my head. The Anna Bannister with ReNue Home Studio collection was born.

I’m self taught. There’s not much that intimidates me in terms of creating (except art painting). If I have an idea, I’m not going to rest until I figure it out. I’m inspired by Texture, Architecture, Design and interesting Shapes. I’m the person who’s taking close up pictures of the side of an old building because I’m trying to figure out how to replicate the texture or design. It fuels me to make pieces I know you’ll love, too. Combining Wood with color, texture and other elements make our designs wholly unique.


Ultimately, I’m honored you’re here. It’s our joy to serve you by making beautiful things that inspire and make you feel confident in your own style. It’s a partnership I don’t take for granted. 

So take a look around. Become a Secret Insider on our new collections, sales, events and more. (You’ll also get 10% off your first order.) And don’t forget to check out our Featured Collection.

Don’t forget, it’s…

Your Style. Your Way.



Anna Bannister with ReNue Home Studio


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